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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday and Other Musings

Happy almost Halloween!

So, I hung several strings of lights outside to be all festive and fun-like? It's so damn cold here all but one of the strings of lights stopped working. Now THAT's cold! I'm gonna see if I can fix at least one of the strings today - but one by one they just pooped out on me. I guess 18 degrees doesn't cut it for punkin lights.

At Russell Orchard on my recent trip to MA!
My husband, Mr. Big and Tall
on his first trip to Russell Orchard.

Annnyywhooo, I recently went to Massachusetts, as you may be aware, and one of the best best best things you can possibly do when in MA in October is go to Russell Orchard (I know it as Gooddale Orchards). I've been going to this place for almost 30 years, so it holds a lot of wonderful, keen memories of the past.

I went there with my first husband, K. We were babies, of course back then. I was all of 23 the first time I met Ken and he was engaged to another person. He broke it off with her (which, I'm so sorry I caused you such pain, N) and then K and I started our torrid fling. It didn't take long for us to get engaged and then get married. We got married right before my 25th birthday. May 12th at the Annisquam Village Church in Gloucester, MA. We lived in a miniscule apartment in Rockport and then in an equally tiny apartment in downtown Gloucester.

Things fell apart quickly as my whale research career took off and K was a fisherman and was gone for long periods of time. We had no business getting married so young, but it seemed like a good idea at the time!

So, we officially divorced when I was 29.

I then hooked up with a boy, E, for 4 years. I adored E and still do to this day. But he was totally immature and cheated on me a bunch. That was a really painful breakup. Especially since I was LIVING in the same house with him and his wonderful Momma at the time. I moved out when he was on vacation. Best thing I ever did.

That's when I came to live in Salem, MA. It was the winter of 1995. I answered a classified ad in the paper for a roommate situation in a cute Victorian house on Carlton Street in Salem. I went for the interview - with the two other women tenants and the landlords. All were great (except the one tenant woman who had a penchant for skulls and vaginas (not even kidding)). And the other tenant woman is one of my best friends to this day! She and I were a constant in that house for 5 years and then we had the revolving roommate on the first floor.

There was skull/vagina lady, then came the vodka/Yankees woman, and then the girl who had "woman problems" and cooked Chinese herbs on the stove that made the whole house smell of death, dirt and poop. IT WAS DISGUSTING! Then there was the recluse who went on blind dates ALL THE TIME in unsafe places and sometimes late at night. My other roommate and I were petrified that she was going to end up being a statistic.

And then I met my second husband. OOOO, did I have it BAD for him! He teased me and made me laugh and his dog and my dog fell instantly in love! There were a bunch of dogs at the park in Salem Common but his dog, Koty and my dog, Lady were instantly besties! Just look at these two:

In our old kitchen. It was a restaurant before we moved in
so there was a big drain right under that rug! We had
3 pizza ovens that were my "cupboards" and stainless
tables and racks to store food and to cook! It was a
novelty for many years until we could afford to
make it an actual kitchen kitchen!

Koty helping us with the bait on the boat! The dogs loved boat rides.
Best friends until the very end.
This was the day Lady died.
I did this when we took Koty on his first solo walk after she died.
December 7th, 2007. She was one week away from her 14th birthday.
I have her ashes here with me now.
So, we lived an interesting a lovely life the four of us. We bought our big, beautiful house on Derby Street in Salem, made wonderful friends, bought an amazing boat that we used pretty much daily from early spring through October. We walked the dogs, my husband became wildly successful in his work, I started my own business doing flowers and small gardens for people...My husband's family was (and still is) the family I'd been missing since I moved so far from my own. They were kind, smart, fun, funny and loving people that welcomed me with open arms. It was a full-on love affair and I loved being married to him.

As Lady and Koty aged and then she died, things went sort of awry. Everything was off. Koty was miserable, my husband and I were devastated after losing Lady. We sort of started the long journey of growing apart. We still were best friends and had wonderful times, but he stopped being attracted to me and that was really really hard.

So, after three months of watching Koty mope around and be sad, we decided he needed a new friend to cheer him up. And we were TOTALLY right. We found this pathetic creature on named Lady, which was weird enough - but she looked like Koty's sister! Look at these two! (We renamed her Sadie because it was too weird to call her Lady...)

Koty's new friend, Sadie. The world's OLDEST most pathetic creature.

 Sadie and Koty were not friends at the start. He was threatened (of course) by a new dog's presence in his domain. But we worked on making him feel secure in his status, and he quickly warmed up to Sadie. Sadie came from a pet hoarder in Tennessee. This person had 50 dogs in their house. All in varying states of disarray. Sadie had zero muscle tone and no incisors - she had learned to chew through cans to get into food (found that out the hard way). She didn't poop sometimes for days on end - we had to praise her for a basic bodily function...She learned over time that food was always gonna be there and that barking was okay (she never had barked in her whole life) and that pooping was good to do every day, too!

She had arthritis all through her spine and back legs and was certainly not 6 years old as I had been told! The vet and I think she was probably closer to 10 when we adopted her. She had an emergency splenectomy after a tumor burst in her spleen. So, that was fun. Then Koty got attacked by a fucking out of control American bulldog. The dog ripped his throat out (not exaggerating - I will not show the pictures - it's disgusting). Koty had to go through two extensive surgeries (over 250 stitches) to put him back together.

Then Koty got very sick about a year later with an inexplicable liver infection. We tried everything to get him well, but he had lost his fight. Koty died in September of 2011. He was almost 14.

By this time, Sadie had gotten ancient and had dementia really badly. She had depended on Koty for all of her cues. After he died, she screamed and cried most nights because she didn't know where she was and what was going on. I even slept on the couch in the living room so she could find me, but she still cried all the time. So we had to let her go just 2 weeks after Koty died.

I'm crying right now thinking about that terrible time. I knew that my husband and I were splitting - we had decided to stay together for the dogs' sake.

After Koty and Sadie died, we had to face harsh reality. We went through the motions, had our one last big Halloween bash - and we knew our marriage was over, but none of our party-goers knew except for two of our friends, Tom and Christine. It was a weird secret to carry around, but we didn't want to ruin our one big, last farewell party. It was farewell to everything that had been familiar for 13 years. Not a drop in the bucket.

I still miss my old house and my ex-husband and my beautiful dogs and my life back then. I felt like the luckiest soul on the planet for all of my blessings.

When it was all gone, I just didn't know how I could possibly carry on and start all over again. I was so beaten down by life and loss and both my Grandmas dying and my beloved Grandpa, then my beautiful friends Marilyn and Marcel...I just couldn't take one more shitty thing happening.

And then came N & K...These two ladies basically nursed me back to health. They made sure I was eating (I dropped like 25 pounds from not eating). They made sure I was getting out of bed (sometimes I'd lie and say I was up and N would inevitably call me back and call me out on my lies!!). They listened to me cry and grieve and they saved me from doing something terrible.

My family and a few choice friends were always there for me, too. I'm utterly SO very thankful for such wonderful souls in my life.

The chickens remembered me!! I had been there about 2 years ago and also have done some projects with the folks at Maitland Mountain Farm who keep the chickens running free in the summer at their farm in Salem! I had met "the girls" on several occasions as they were running about the property as we were in the greenhouses or picking flowers or hanging out on their big porch! The chickens are a hoot!
Each has her own personality and they love being talked to. So, the girls and I talked for a while when I was at Russell Orchard. This is where they stay for the winter in a big, comfy, warm coop.
Which brings me to the present. I met my husband while I was on an extended "vacation" in South Carolina. He contacted me on March 12th (which, incidentally, is the day that my second husband and I got engaged (and it's also his uncle's birthday!)). We never stopped talking from that day on. May 1st he came to visit me in South Carolina. We got engaged then and I decided to move to Alaska. By June 16th I was living here. Married again on July 5th. HOLY MOLY. What a life!

In the foothills of the Chugach Mountains last Sunday.

Thanks for reading! Have a safe and Happy Halloween!  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Say WHAT? What the what?

Ok. I live in Alaska. News flash, right?

Jaxie the French Bulldog (piglet) on his first
everhike in the Alaskan snow! We were
in a place called Glen Alps, in the
foothills of the Chugach Mountain range.
The people here are...ummm...INteresting. (I learned that from my Momma - don't be derogatory, but use code words instead. Wink wink, nudge nudge!)

Yes. Interesting, indeed.

I was having a conversation yesterday from another East Coast transplant. She's from Maine and moved her some years ago with her husband.

She told me that one of the most common questions she gets is "Where is the bridge to get to Alaska?"

And I was like "???"

You see, the people questioning her have looked at maps their whole lives and Alaska is perched over there with Hawaii:

And these idiotas think that Alaska is an ISLAND. By HAWAII. With the snow and the moose and the bears. You know, right next to the Big Island. Aloha from Alaskaha! 


A beautiful day in the Chugach Mountains.
So. There's this thing called GEOGRAPHY. Globes. Things of that nature that might just help you BUY A F*CKing clue about the world. Holy mother of ignorance!

And then I get an email a while back from someone claiming that President Obama had replaced the American flag in the oval office with an "Islamic" flag. Ok. First off? Not true. Secondly, and MORE importantly, Islam? It ain't a country. And, thirdly, even if Obama was a Muslim or whatever religious affiliation he so chose, it ain't ANY of your business! So what? I have friends who are Christian, Jewish, Agnostic, Atheists, Wiccan, Pagan, Unaffiliated, Unitarian Universalists, Native American, Muslim...I DON'T CARE!!! Whatever gets you through the day and if you are nice to everyone, then I'll be nice to you.

I once asked a bigot "If you went blind, how would you know who to hate?" 

She didn't like that.

Same goes for the whole ridiculousness about hiding behind some ridiculous religious bullsh*t when spouting racism or homophobia. GOD made all of us. Each of us. Every single last soul on the planet. He didn't make one of us essentially "better" than anyone else (although there are decidedly superior beings out there like Justin Timberlake, Meryl Streep & Hugh Jackman!).

Anyway, I digress. So shoot me. Oh, wait. Guns. There's another cheerful subject. I'll avoid that one today. Living in Alaska, one has to be careful about the battles one chooses!

Which leads me to the noodlehead Palin clan. I'm sure you saw the news about the fights they got into about a month ago at that private party! It was so amazingly delicious to watch these idiots blow up all over the news. After the Katie Couric interview and asking such pointedly subversive questions like "What do you read?" And Palin couldn't name one newspaper or magazine? Holy moly! And then the comment about Africa being a country?! 

I was all like "Hey, John McCain? Umm. What now? You chose this "person" as your VP running mate? Were there heavy drugs involved? Or coercion? Huh?"

And in my head, John McCain would be like "Well, Lisa. You were busy!"

Hee hee! As if I'd settle for VP? Derrr.

And then there's Don Young. Alaska's Senator. WHAT AN ASSHOLE.

He recently went to a school assembly after a young man from that school took his own life. He suggested that if this young soul had had good friends and parents that loved him, that he likely would NOT have committed suicide.


Say what? Are you suggesting...



Major. Asshole.

So, yeah. I live here now. That's the guy representing this gorgeous, weird, amazing, bizarre, earthquakey, snowy, moose-y state.

I cannot wait until Alaska attaches itself to the rest of the United States and grows up! (But I love it here, don't get me wrong, I just miss my Massachusetts liberal wonderful peeps and all that Massachusetts has to offer in the way of social justice and democracy!!)

I will leave you with some gems from Sun Gazing:

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ebola and Straws

Ok. Two things on here today. Maybe three.

Customer service? Is kind of dead.

I have been trying now for OVER a month to get phone service up here in no-man's-land, AKA Alaska.

GOOD HEAVENS TO MERGATROID. So, I finally succumb and go from Verizon to AT&T. But then I can't unlock my phone to deactivate the Verizon SIM card. So, that means I can't ACTIVATE my new AT&T SIM card.

So, I succumb again and just order a NEW phone altogether.

Well, THAT phone supposedly was delivered by FedEx yesterday. But it wasn't. Not at my address, anyway. I got no package, no phone, no nuttin.

But if you go on the FedEx website and track my so-called phone, well, it SAYS it was delivered here.

And then I tell the AT&T person that it wasn't, in fact, delivered here.

And, of course, the "customer service" person has to reiterate: "But that's what it says."

Then I have to write, "I know that's what it SAYS, but it isn't so. That's not the truth. There was NO package delivered here."

And then the "customer service" person tells me that I'll have to CALL the claims department. Well. OK. If I HAD a phone, I'd be HAPPY to call the claims department. But, see. I ordered a phone so I'd have a phone, but the PHONE WAS NOT DELIVERED.

So, that's been my day so far. Hours of non-stop bullshit.

Oh, and now Verizon is claiming I owe them $450 for something? What, I do not know, because I cancelled my service with them and had a zero balance due when I cancelled my service. But, of course, I cannot get any help via my computer...I have to - WAIT FOR IT -

I can only get help with this so-called bill I owe them IF I EFFING CALL the billing department. No, there's no one that can help you via live chat. You HAVE TO CALL.


And then yesterday I ran over a speed bump that wasn't marked well and I tore the oil pan or something off the bottom of my car, so it's now leaked all of its oil onto the driveway. And, in order to get the car fixed, I HAVE TO CALL THE FIXIT people. And, well, as you may have gathered?


Ack. Ack ack ack.

Sometimes I just hate everything. Except when things are great, then that's okay, I guess.

But sometimes? Ack.

And another thing? What on earth is up with our ridiculous obsession with plastic straws? I spent about an hour on Singing beach in Manchester, MA, picking up plastic bags, plastic packaging and about 850 straws in vary states of mangled-ness. Straws EVERYWHERE. Green ones, white ones, red ones, pink ones...

If humans are incapable of using their LIPS to drink out of GLASSES, then can we PLEASE go back to using paper straws? Or buy yourself a heavy-duty Krazy Straw (I loved those when I was a kid) and just carry your straw with you from place to place. Rinse it out in the sink when you're done and then throw it in the dishwasher to disinfect it.

Enough with the plastic straws, please. Just think about how often they're used - to mix cocktails, to drink soda, to drink WATER? Good heavens. Just use your mouth. It's portable and has many uses.

And then finally for my angry rants today, can we please ask our stoopid politicians to stop dictating what happens to the people sick from Ebola? Politicians have their heads firmly up their collective as*es on this one. Chris Christie needs to get a life and let the DOCTORS and health care workers figure this one out. Let's quarantine his ass in a cold room with a box for a toilet...

Ugh. Why we gotta all be so douchey to each other? For PETE's sake. Get a grip.

Jon Stewart, as usual, says it best:

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Halloween approacheth!

This is the first year in over 20 years that I find myself living away from Salem, MA during Halloween. Now, for 99% of the world that means absolutely nothing. But for those of us who have lived in the Halloween Capitol of the World (and we take that title quite seriously), it all just feels so strange to be away!

In recent years I dressed up as Cleopatra, Snooki (I know), Manny Ramirez and a host of other ridiculous outfits meant only to make others laugh and point! It's a good excuse to be silly and dance and laugh and show others how "adulthood" does not have to equal "boringhood!"

Here's a bit of the ridiculousness that was my life during October in Salem, MA:

The domestic Cleopatra! (I miss that gorgeous kitchen of mine)
My bestie, Karen. We were probably four or five here.
I believe we were going for Fairy-Princess this particular Halloween.
She can probably tell you the exact date, the time of day and what we ate for dinner.
She's one of those people who has a steel trap memory. Amazing.

Butterflies - homemade by my Momma!
It rained this particular Halloween and I remember crying because my
beautiful costume started to disintegrate! Booo hoooo!

Snooki!! My ex-husband went at Mike - The Situation this year! Hilarious
 Here are the decorations I did today in Alaska! Werd to my Salem homies!

Fall/winter in Anchorage...

Our perpetual motion machines, Phoebe and Jax! 

Spiral staircase with skulls and purple LED lights!

Gay skeleton! Faaaabbulooous (said like Paul Lynde would)....

So that's the dealio from AK today! I hope you're all having a wonderful, safe Saturday. 

Ciao for now,

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Few Gems from Hank. My GOODness I love his sense of humor!

A man walked into a bar. He told the bartender that he didn't have any money, but he would show the bartender something amazing in exchange for a drink. It was a slow day, so the bartender agreed.
The man reached into his pocket and pulled out a frog, a hamster and a tiny piano. The frog started playing a fantastic jazz solo. Then the hamster started singing along in an amazing duet. Impressed, the bartender gave the man a drink.
Just then another bar patron rushed up to the man and offered him $1,000 for the singing hamster. The man instantly agreed to the deal.
The patron paid the man and quickly left with the hamster. After the patron left, the bartender couldn't keep quiet anymore and exclaimed, "I can't believe you sold a singing hamster for only $1,000!"
The man shrugged and said, " the frog is a ventriloquist."

The Pleasures of Reading...
I love to read. When I have nothing to do I pick up a book and read. Sometimes I read for fun. Other times I read to learn something. I really enjoy reading.
Sometimes I become unhappy while reading. I will be enjoying a fine story when all of a sudden a big word will stare back at me. Now I know a few big words but, after all, isn't it true that in simplicity there is beauty?

Take the other day. While reading a particularly engrossing story I ran across the word "scree."  
I later found out that the word "scree" meant "pebbles and rocks." Why didn't the author just say "pebbles and rocks?"

Another thing. People just can't say anything the simple way any more. Yesterday I read about a guy "adroitly manipulating the shifting mechanism!" So he threw the car into second gear.

Now if I were a writer, I would try to avoid confusing my readers. We all feel that confused and pompous prose has no place in contemporary society. It does no good to engulf you readers in a sea of indistinguishable trivia.

I feel quite strongly about this. I feel that perpetual adherence to enigmatic expression stultifies intellectual response. Furthermore, excess circumlocution inevitably leads to incomprehensible mayhem.

When authors engage their literary crampons into my lethargic intellect, I feel like poking my pate into a catatonic mound of fronds and lianas. I would rather ascend icy scarps or embroil my ego into a capacious sea of undulating hummocks than perambulate through a plethora of insatiable verbiage.
It all leaves me flaccid as a sprag.

A guy spots a sign outside a house that reads "Talking Dog for Sale." Intrigued, he walks in.
"So what have you done with your life?" he asks the dog. "I've led a very full life," says the dog. "I lived in the Alps rescuing avalanche victims. Then I served my country in Iraq. And now I spend my days reading to the residents of a retirement home."
The guy is flabbergasted. He asks the dog's owner, "Why on earth would you want to get rid of an incredible dog like that?"
The owner says, "Because he's a liar! He never did any of that!"

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Random Thoughts for a Wintery Wednesday

Happy girl in the garden with a giant liatris!
So, we had our first "official" snow here on Monday of this week! October 20th and it snowed here. Two to four inches in Anchorage!

You may think I'd be all "YUCK" about it, but truthfully? I've missed my fun-in-the-snow winter sports like Nordic skiing, snow shoeing and ice skating. And who doesn't love a walk in the woods after a powdery snow has fallen? You gotta some kind of weird not to appreciate that!
The prettiness of fall in the front of the house.
And also the change in the landscape when the deciduous trees become vacant of leaves and beautiful pine, cyprus, juniper and spruces provide us with rich greens and sages for the entire winter.

Even the critters change - different birds arrive, some animals hibernate and disappear, and other animals just eke out an existence for the cold part of the year.

So, I'm kinda digging the fact that I went from 80 degrees in Massachusetts to the current temperature of 27 degrees with icy snow on the ground!

Right now the dogs are snoring, the house is warm, the sun has just risen over the Chugach Mountains and I'm wearing my new, cozy slippers. The laundry is ticking in the dryer and I've just made a big pot of my family's recipe called Vegetable Goop! A lot of you have enjoyed the Goop over the years and can attest to its hearty and delicious mixture.

Ok. Those were somewhat coherent thoughts. I'll commence with the random here now.

This was my beautiful boaty named Altair.
I loved this boat like she was my daughter.
Cliches are actually true.

Don't judge a book by its cover: The best book I've read in a long time has the worst title ever - The Worst Hard Time . That's a bad title. However, the goddamn book was mesmerizing. I read it during my deepest depression and it was about the dustbowl in the American Southwest and how it help create the Great Depression. Huh. Pretty cool.

My friend N (a sistah fromanothah Mothah) suggest that one. And also Swamplandia, Devil in the White City and The Hunger Games series.

A sneaky one, that N. She saw very clearly that I was in dire need of a kick in the pants to get my self-esteem re-activated. She was really right. After my divorce I ceased being the dynamic, fun, silly and happy person that I had been all my life until a series of unfortunate bullshit kinda stole my mojo.

We were in Martha's Vineyard for Obama's visit a few
summers ago. We were docked next to a retired
Nantucket Light Ship! Super cool. Was a great trip, indeed.
Anyway, N was a mastermind of sneaky kindness and esteem-building exercises! You see, she had also been through a terrible set of tragedies herself and had overcome unbelievable obstacles to find her way to "okayness."

Sometimes just "okay" feels like a miracle.
My beautiful girl Lady. She was a complete jerk and I loved her to pieces.
As my husband would say, she was put together "by committee!" Nothing matched on that dog!
We believe that she was part German Shep, part Border Collie and part Pygmy Goat. What a combo platter.
May she be gallivanting in heaven with her precious Koty right now...
Sadie has no idea where she is, so that'd be fine.

Well, she had me read books, she let me grieve and cry and carry on like a banshee. She encouraged me to quit a job I hated and to come and live with her FOR FREE! She wouldn't let me pay rent. We cooked together, hung out in pajamas and drank gallons of coffee and ate really good chocolate.

I started caring about food again. I got my cooking mojo back first.
Peanut butter cookies we made
every Christmas!

A new recipe in my new, gorgeous kitchen!

And then N asked me to help with her butterfly garden and to advise her on shade plants and design.

So then I got my gardening mojo back!
My gorgeous garden in Massachusetts. The idiots that bought
my house? Ripped out the big butterfly bush. Ugh.

Happy violas, pussy willow and tulips for spring.

One of my many lilacs! They've gotten HUGE!

Grape hyacinth, obedient plant and tulips.

More pretties including variegated ivy and tete-a-tete narcissus.

Ahhh, spring in New England!

My Sadie wandering the spring garden.
The bleeding heart bush was among
my favorite in the back yard.

Wildflowers in my back yard with my mosaic Crane birdbath
 by Judith Wright. I still have that here in Alaska!

My two gorgeous girls, A and Sadie! A is now a kick-ass pilot in the Air Force!

One of my arrangements for our friends' Thanksgiving table.

And then winter came again and our pipes burst from the freezing effing polar vortex. N was in a panic and I knew just what to do. I unplugged her floor heater, got her daughter's priceless artwork off the floor where it was flooding and I called the fire department right away.

So I got my logical mojo back. No panic, just act.

And as if that all weren't so fabulous (I know?!), we had to vacate the premises because the mold and mildew set in within 72 hours. So, within 6 days of the flood at the house, we had to leave! Where to go? Why not go live in Georgia and South Carolina for the winter with my wonderful Aunt and Uncle?

Yes! I will do that!

So, slowly and surely, living in the warm climate, staying at my Aunt and Uncle's home on a lake in South Carolina with sweet Sandy kitty? I returned to myself. Utterly and completely myself again. Happy, go-lucky, fun, silly, dance during dinner prep, make flower arrangements, have a glass of wine, filled with hope...
Icelandic poppies. I grew them each spring as an annual in MA.
In Alaska? These are called Himalayan poppies and they
are a wildflower (considered a weed!!).

A gorgeous sea turtle we swam with near Norman Island in the British Virgin Island.
This was taken with a cute little camera we borrowed from my husband's Dad!

On the way to Mississippi with the doggies Lily and Rudy.

Cooper!! Sweet peach!

Sweet Sandy reposing on the glass coffee table!
Kitty FEETS!

Old Faithful, still faithful after all these years!

A bridal bouquet for our friends' wedding. My husband
was the officiant and I did the fleurs! FUN

My Phoobles on my second day in Alaska!
She likes me, I think...

It was divine. And it is divine! I feel so very lucky for my life. And just being alive feels so good again.

Giving thanks for every moment I have now. Life is truly a gift. Another cliche that's just plain true.

This particular Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be different for me. I no longer feel like I don't belong. I finally feel just right.

The symbols at our gorgeous resort Barcelo de Bobadilla in Loja, Spain.
They had little zen gardens like this all over the place.
Sun, moon and star in the sand. All the elements but time.
Time disappears at this place. So beautiful.

One of the many wreaths I did for clients in MA. 
The wreath for my back door in Salem.

Wreath for my front door. (Which is now metal. Ugh)

The entry to my house. PRETTY!

My grand old house. The William Lane house, built in 1800.
I miss that house.
My current house is no slouch, however. It was the only home to survive in Lyn Ary Park,
after a 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit here in Anchorage 50 years ago.
It fell off its foundation and lost the windows, but my old log cabin home,
built in 1940 is a survivor. Just like the rest of us!  : )

Thanks for reading.

Ciao for today.